Kids 4 Coding  Instructional Team

Meet our Rock Stars

Headshot Alex B.png


College/University: The University of Georgia
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Languages: English, Spanish & Romanian
Awards/Recognition: Best First Time Hacker at UGA Hackathon, Student Emmy Awards
Skills: MATLAB, Python, Adobe 3DS Max & Adobe Premier Pro
Hobbies/Interests: Nintendo Brand Ambassador (2016 - )

resize headshot Aniyah.jpg


College/University: The University of Georgia
Major: Computer Science
Languages: English & Chinese
Awards/Recognition: Zell Miller Scholarship, Justice Award - Young Leader of the Year (2020)
Programming Skills: Java & Python
Hobbies/Interests: Drum Major, Public Speaking

oliver headshot.jpeg


College/University: Vassar College
Major: Computer Science
Awards/Recognition: National Merit Scholar Finalist
Jobs:  MIT Software Development Intern
Skills: Java, Scheme, TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML & CSS
Hobbies/Interests: Dual-County League All-Star, Varsity Basketball & Volleyball

Instructors with exceptional coding & game development experience

Headshot Yaovi.png


College/University: The University of Georgia
Major: Management Information Systems Languages: English, Ewe & French
Awards/Recognition: Mayor’s Award for academic excellence, athletic excellence & community involvement
Programming Skills: Python, HTML & CSS
Hobbies/Interests: Photography & Read Across America Volunteer

black white danna hs.jpg


College/University: The University of Georgia
Major: Applied Mathematics
Experience: Madison Consulting Group, Inc & Study Abroad in Nadi, Fiji
Technical Skills: Scratch programming, JMP and R
Hobbies/Interests: Whitewater Rafting Guide & College Softball (NJCAA Conference Champions)

resize Ekansh Headshot.jpg


College/University: Georgia Tech
Double Major: Computer Science & Economics
Languages: Hindi, Spanish & English
Awards/Recognition: Math Team Captain, Rowan College
Jobs: Georgia Tech, RNOC Lab Assistant
Skills: Java & Python
Hobbies/Interests: Guitar & Soccer

Knowledgeable and fun, a great combination to keep kids engaged.

final chandler.jpg


College/University: Georgia Tech
Major: Industrial Engineering
Jobs: Exxon Mobil Global Supply Chain Intern, Johnson & Johnson Quality Engineering Intern
Technical Skills: Python, Java, SQL, C
Hobbies/Interests: Yoga, Cooking, Reading

Headshot Reuben Phillips.png


College/University: The University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Major: Computer Science
Jobs: Pro Skills Basketball Coach, Phillips Academy, Andover, MA
Technical Skills: Java, JavaScript and C
Hobbies/Interests: Public Speaking, Basketball & Ultimate Frisbee

Everest Headshot.jpg


College/University: The University of Georgia
Major: Computer Science
Skills: Java, C and C++ programming, Unity,
Minecraft, RPG Maker, lesson planning and implementation
Awards/Recognition: Honor Student 2018-
Hobbies/Interests: Karate Instructor

Rebekah Headshot.jpg


College/University: Northeastern University
Major: Computer Science & Design
Awards/Recognition: Class Valedictorian
Jobs: TJX, Boston - IT Engineering Co-op
Technical Skills: HTML/CSS, JavaScript, React, Angular, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator
Hobbies/Interests: Volunteering

Austin Headshot.jpg


College/University:  University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Major: Computer Science
Jobs: Software Development Internship at Johnson Controls, Engineering Development Group Internship at MathWorks

Technical Skills: Java, C/C++, C#, JavaScript, Python
Hobbies/Interests: Travel, Video Games, Cello

Resize Erica headshot.jpg


College/University: The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Awards/Recognition: Chancellor's Honors Program, NAE Grand Challenge Scholars
Technical Skills: MATLAB, Python, C, SolidWorks
Hobbies/Interests: Volunteering, Baking

Goutham Headshot.jpg


College/University: University of Virginia
Major: Computer Science
Languages: English, Telugu, Hindi, Spanish
Technical Skills: Java, Python, HTML/CSS, Blender
Hobbies/Interests: 3D art, gardening

Davis Resize HS.jpg


College/University:  Georgia Tech
Major: Computer Science
Experience: Georgia Tech Teaching Assistant
Technical Skills: Python, Java, C, TypeScript, HTML/CSS and Android Studio
Hobbies/Interests: Drama/Acting



College/University: Georgia Tech
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Awards/Recognition: 2020 Petit Undergraduate Research Scholar, Georgia Tech Faculty Honors

Experience: Research - Medical Device Design
Technical Skills: MATLAB, SolidWorks & Python
Hobbies/Interests: Theatre & Music

Brandon HS Resized.jpg


College/University: The University of Georgia
Major: Computer Science & Cognitive Science
Experience: Math Tutor
Technical Skills: Java, Python, Blender, AutoCAD and Maya
Awards/Recognition: Zell Miller Scholarship Recipient/Top 5 in Code Quest Hosted by Lockhead Martin

Wayhar Resized.jpg


College/University:  The University of Georgia
Major: Computer Systems Engineer & Computer Science

Technical Skills: Java, C/C++, HTML, CSS, Arduino and MATLAB
Hobbies/Interests: Varsity Girl's Lacrosse Team Captain



College/University: Northeastern University
Major: Computer Science & Game Design

Technical Skills: Java, C++, Python, JavaScript, HTML & CSS & Adobe Photoshop
Awards/Recognition: Game Programmer & Designer - showcased demo at the Boston Museum of Science 2019