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Kids 4 Coding bridges the gap between what kids learn in traditional academic classes and what they need to succeed in our rapidly evolving tech-based society.

With more than 20 years in public education and private entrepreneurship, the founders of Kids 4 Coding have established partnerships with tech experts, educators and entrepreneurs to develop a highly engaging curriculum integrating trending technologies and 21st Century Learning.


Now in its 11th year of operation, Kids 4 Coding continues to develop new programs and serve new communities each year.  

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Our courses capture kids’ imaginations with connections to their interests and passions, with a solid foundation of practical STEM education.

Low Student-Teacher Ratio

We focus on quality over quantity. In a smaller group, students are more likely to feel comfortable asking questions, and making their needs known. 

Virtual Classes - 5:1
In-Person - 7:1


Instructors from Top Universities

We recruit well-vetted instructors who are majoring in computer science and engineering programs at top colleges and universities including Georgia Tech, UGA, Tufts, Boston University &  MIT.

Project-Based Curriculum

We research STEM programs globally to create curricula that stimulates, excites and motivates students to superior learning and knowledge retention outcomes. 

Using top programming languages like Python, Java, JavaScript & Cybersecurity in an engaging environment, our students learn to build and code robots, develop mobile apps, create 3D worlds, design games and experiment with virtual and augmented reality.


Summer On-Campus



Paul Duke STEM High School
Norcross, GA


Gwinnett School of Math, Science & Technology
Lawrenceville, GA

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