Virtual STEM Pods
Does your student have a neighborhood learning pod, playgroup, or friend group who want to code together?

Bring them to Kids 4 Coding for online learning fun!

 (Academic or Social)

Whether your goal is academic enrichment, creativity, or more socialization,
your child will thrive in a Kids 4 Coding Pod.

Kids 7-13 can collaborate in a small class (5:1) with just their friends. 
Your POD will work with a live, qualified instructor and any course offered in our winter catalog.

When: STEM PODs are offered after school (twice a week) or on Saturdays (once a week.)

Why: It’s STEM-enrichment with socialization & collaboration. Classes are affordable extra-curricular that pays off in all aspects of your student's life. 

Who: College-age instructors from top tier universities. They fuel kids’ passions through mentorship, creativity and project-based learning.

Where: Your private group meets online with their instructor in a password-protected Zoom room. 

Fill out the request form (one parent coordinator per group, 14-day advance registration required), and a Kids 4 Coding team member will respond within 48 hours to confirm availability. All participants noted on the form will receive an email link to register. Once all participants have paid, the parent coordinator will receive confirmation of registration. 
Share the info with your group. Then, the fun begins!

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