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What Sets us Apart? 


The Founder is an Educator

The founder of Kids 4 Coding is an educator-entrepreneur. She has over 20+ years of teaching experience, working in both public and private schools.  As an early advocate of technology in the classroom, 

she questioned why schools weren't doing more to prepare students for jobs of the future.

Age-Appropriate Groupings

Some STEM providers group kids together from broad age groups, like 8-13 or 9-14. In our opinion, kids deserve better.  Working alongside your peers with an age-appropriate curriculum makes sense for all ages.  We offer dedicated classrooms for ages 7-9, 10-12 and 13-16.

Technology that Matters

Kids 4 Coding keeps up with the latest technology trends and adopts a new curriculum every year.  Teaching future-proof coding languages (Python, JavaScript, AI, Machine Learning & Cybersecurity) offer high-value outcomes.


Rock Star Staff

We recruit our instructors from top universities like MIT, Caltech and Georgia Tech. Our caring staff enjoys teaching and working with children. They have previous experience as camp counselors, tutors, TA’s (teaching assistants) and code in up to 3-to-5 programming languages.

Multimedia Classrooms

K4C students will experience a multimedia classroom with lessons modeled by the instructor. Activities include building and coding robots, circuits and autonomous cars. Kids can create games and art with augmented reality. Students will develop impressive Minecraft & Roblox skills, compete in team challenges, Kahoot quizzes and much more.

Ideal Student-Teacher Ratios

Small classes allow more time for student-teacher interaction and collaboration. Virtual classes are a 5:1 ratio, in-person is an 7:1 ratio, guaranteed!  Kids 4 Coding offers over 20+ virtual courses for ages 7-16. In-person programs, for ages 7-12, are available June-Aug in Atlanta and Boston.

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