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Welcome to Roblox Studio!

Age Recommendation:


My name is ________ and I will be your online Roblox Studio instructor.  You can learn more about me at:


This course will be conducted through Zoom.

5-Sessions | Mon-Fri 10:30am-12pm  Eastern Standard Time


Late Arrivals (Please be on time!)

In order to preserve quality instruction and maximize class time for everyone, we will not allow students into the virtual classroom beyond 10 minutes late - no exceptions!  


Computer Installations/downloads required: 
1. Set up a free Roblox account and install STUDIO:
Roblox Studio is only available for Windows and macOS 


To get started:

Join Zoom Meeting: 

Meeting ID: 


You will enter a virtual waiting room or the screen will say the host is not available yet. Please use this recurring Zoom link for each class session. 

Questions? Email us at:

If you need to reach us during class, please call 1-800-484-2664

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