Party of Five

Party of Five
Invite 3-4 friends to join you - and one of our rock star instructors - for an exciting week-long virtual tech camp!


Reconnect, socialize, strut your coding skills and have some laughs and smiles along the way! All of our courses are adaptable and there is no extra cost, just a little coordination. The reward? Fun times with friends and spare time for parents!

1-hr daily (Mon-Fri) *$99 per student
2-hrs daily (Mon-Fri) *$199 per student

How does it work?

We create the registration form, send it to your friends' parents, and they have a 3-day window to book their seats.

Once everyone is paid and confirmed, we will send the parent coordinator and email confirmation.

That's the extent of your planning. The rest is on us.


All families will receive setup instructions, from Kids 4 Coding, a few days in advance.


*7-days advanced registration required

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