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7-9 | Star Wars Droids + AR Design

Young engineers use a variety of gizmos and gadgets to build a Star Wars droid and code it to follow their commands. + Want to see a spaceship in the parking lot? Step into the world of Augmented Reality (AR). Kids design images and videos that show their own creations interacting with the real world. 
Offered at All Locations

7-9 | Minecraft, Circuitry & Drones

Whether you’re a beginner or avid Minecrafter, get ready to level up your game!  We’ll code Mods and command blocks, create resource packs and engineer with Redstone. + Learn to build, invent and prototype with circuits and electronics, intended for next-generation designers, thinkers & tinkerers + Experience the thrill of flight and accomplishment as you learn to program drones using an intuitive visual programming language.

Offered at All Locations

7-9 | Creative Code: Art, Music & Game Design

Learn coding (rules, conditions, patterns & sequencing) to paint with light pixels, create unique music and choreograph dance moves for a digital robot. + Enter the fascinating world of 3D game design with an award-winning game development platform. Create a 3D world environment, unique characters, a rule system, storyline and more.

Offered at All Locations

7-9 | Team Robotics & Programming                   

An interactive robotic building block system enables children to learn and retain coding skills for future real-world applications.  Kids engage in robotics with a variety of challenging builds and team coding activities daily. + Rescue a robot lost in space while learning coding basics like procedures, loops and conditional instructions in a game-style format.

Offered at All locations

9-10 | Scratch Game Design & Circuitry          

Create games and animations with the next generation of Scratch 3.0. The new version includes dozens of new sprites, a new sound editor, and many new programming blocks. Then, combine circuitry & programming with Micro: bit,  a tiny circuit board designed to code and create with technology. You can connect it to Scratch and build creative projects that combine the magic of the digital and physical worlds.
Offered at Select locations

9-10 | Roblox Game Programming: Robux Tycoon              

Students will design and code an awesome Advanced Obby and Tycoon game in Roblox, and then learn how to monetize them to make Robux on the Roblox marketplace! Students will learn both the basics of 3D game development and fundamental programming concepts using the Lua programming language. This camp is designed for beginner to intermediate students who are interested in programming, game design, and entrepreneurship.

Offered at Select locations

10-12 | Raspberry Pi & Python                               
Kids have FUN creating various hands-on projects using Raspberry Pi and Python programming. Sample Projects include creating a Flappy Bird Astronaut clone, building a Magic 8 Ball, constructing a cardboard robot with real flashing LED antenna, turning a gummy candy into a pressure sensitive button that acts as a game controller and building an AIY Voice Kit from Google that lets you ask questions and issue voice commands to your programs!
Offered at Select Locations

10-12 | Game Design + Augmented Reality (AR)                                          

RPG Maker (a Japanese Role Playing Game) teaches students how to use icons, sprites, and basic graphic design while creating an immersive story, characters, and environment using a popular platform for developing 2D games. + Want to bring those gaming ideas to life? Step into the world of Augmented Reality (AR). Kids design images and videos that show their own creations interacting with the real world.

Offered at All Locations

10-12 | Roblox Game Development - Fortnite-Style Battle Royale

Kids dive into the Lua programming language with ROBLOX, a robust game with an enormous number of customizable tools. In this course, you will design a Fortnite-Style Battle Royale Game and use animation for loops, global scripts, and client/server events. Create dangerous storms and weaponry to deter your enemies while embarking on an epic quest to complete up to 32 coding challenges!​
Offered at All locations

10-12 | Minecraft Mods with Java + Python

Kids learn real Java coding using the Eclipse text editor in this fiery Minecraft Modding course. You will customize the AI of your creature to create a fearsome fireball attack.  Learn about Artificial Intelligence and randomization, conditionals, loops, booleans, methods and more! Are you ready to create an awesome custom mod for Minecraft? + Learn new Python skills in a fun environment while creating games and animations. 

Offered at Select Locations

10-12 | Build Your Own Take-Home Laptop                            

Pi-top is a bright green, Raspberry Pi based laptop that students get to build themselves and take home at the end of the week. Once fully assembled, students learn the fundamentals of coding with Python and how to work with physical computing. Encouraging hands-on learning and collaborative problem solving, pi-top is an exciting new tool that brings programming and electrical engineering to life. 
Offered at Select Locations

10-12 | Team Robotics + Visual Programming

Experience the thrill of coding and see how math and engineering elements come together to form a solution to a real problem. Young engineers will build VEX IQ Robots and work in teams to code and compete in a classroom arena. + Simulate work with robotic actuators and sensors that accurately model real-world robots.  
Offered at Select Locations

10-12 | Mobile Apps + Augmented Reality (AR) 

Learn the foundations of app creation and mobile game design using a blocks-based programming language to create games and apps. Experiment by remixing code on sample apps and work with classmates to create new app ideas. + Step into the world of Augmented Reality (AR). Using an AR app, students can bring imaginary objects and creatures into the real world to create fantastic photos and videos.

Offered at Select Locations

10-12  | Micro:bit & Swift Programming                  

Explore coding with the BBC micro: bit, a handheld, programmable micro-computer. We’ll explore a variety of programming languages (including simple block coding, Swift and Python) to design all sorts of cool creations. At the end of the week, use your coding skills to create your own computerized invention. + Learn the basics of programming in Swift - one of the fastest growing programming languages in history.

Offered at Select Locations

13-16 | Web Development                                           

Students learn the building blocks of HTML and CSS to create and style a 3-page website from scratch. HTML & CSS bring website designs to life; HTML provides the structure of the page, CSS the visual and aural layout.  HTML, CSS and JavaScript work together to form the front-end design of a website by applying information that affects the content, style and interactivity of a site. 
Offered at Select Locations

13-16 | Game Design                                             

Game Maker is a professional platform used to program, design, and animate games for all modern computer platforms as well as mobile devices and consoles. Realistically animated characters are put in motion with a sophisticated physics engine. Students will be able to share their projects and will have the opportunity to distribute their game worldwide.
Offered at All Locations

13-16 | Robotics Engineering & Coding (ROBOTC)
Learn to build and program VEX remote-controlled and autonomous robots using ROBOTC, the leading robotics programming language. Design robots to move objects and navigate mazes and obstacle courses in friendly team competitions. ROBOTC is a C-Based Programming Language.
Offered at Select Locations

13-16 | 3D Game Development With Unity/C# Programming

In this new camp, students will build a multiplayer MarioKart style racing game from the ground up using the Unity game engine and the C# programming language. C# has grown quickly since it was first created, with extensive support from Microsoft helping it to gain a large following; it is now one of the most popular programming languages in the world.
Offered at Select Locations

13-16 | Python  101   

Learn how to code in Python - the fundamental programming language for Machine Learning. By playing engaging games, you’ll learn basic syntax, arguments, strings, if statements, functions, and parameters. Use your new coding skills to place game objects, construct mazes, create your own shareable game, learn basic input handling and basic game AI.

Offered at Select Locations

13-16 | Mobile App Development

Use JavaScript, HTML and CSS to create mobile apps and web applications for different platforms using codepen and new App Inventor extensions. App Inventor is an open-source web application originally provided by Google, and now maintained by MIT. Codepen is an online platform for building mobile and web applications using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. 
Offered at All Locations

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