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With more than 20 years in public education and private entrepreneurship, AnnMarie Laramee and Denise Detamore designed Kids 4 Coding to bridge the gap between what kids learn in traditional academic classes and what they need to succeed in our rapidly evolving technology-based society.

Together they established partnerships with tech experts and educators to develop interactive, relevant curricula to teach STEM through FUN, creative, confidence-building activities. Now in its sixth year of operation, Kids 4 Coding continues to develop new programs and serve new communities each summer.  

What We Do
Kids 4 Coding provides innovative, hands-on projects and challenges that propel kids to tech readiness and demonstrate real-world value and application of skills.​

We research STEM programs globally to create curricula that stimulates, excites and motivates students to superior learning and knowledge retention outcomes. Our affordable course offerings capture kids’ imaginations with connections to their interests and passions, with a solid foundation of practical STEM education.

Using top programming languages like Python, JavaScript in an engaging and positive environment, our students learn to build and code droids, develop mobile apps, create 3D worlds, design games and experiment with virtual and augmented reality.

​Our program fills gaps in technology education, preparing future engineers, programmers, entrepreneurs and roles that haven’t even been invented yet. Our fun, confidence -building curricula - designed by tech experts and educators – create the basis for tech fluency and agility our future society will require.

Instructor Qualifications

We recruit well-vetted instructors who are majoring in computer science and engineering programs at top colleges and universities including Georgia Tech, UGA, Tufts, BU, Harvard and MIT. They have gone on to work for NASA, Turner Broadcasting, Boeing and other outstanding companies.


Our five-star rating on Glassdoor shows that we have happy instructors, and that ensures happy students!

Site Manager Qualifications
Kids 4 Coding is the only summer tech program that requires all site managers to be State-Certified Teachers/CPR/First Aid Certified.

Course Size

Student/Teacher ratio is 8:1

with classes ranging from eight to 16 students.

Course Design

Each class is a mixture of computer-based learning and hands-on projects. Classes are designed to help students move at their own pace in a culture of collaboration and inclusivity. All levels of learners are welcome.

Course Subjects

Coding, Game Development, Mobile Development, Robotics, VR & AR, Circuitry, Drone Technology


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