About Us
With over 20 years in public education and private entrepreneurship, AnnMarie Laramee and Denise Detamore designed
Kids 4 Coding to bridge the gap between what kids learn in traditional academic classes and what they need to succeed in our technology-based society. Together they established partnerships with tech experts and educators to develop interactive, relevant curricula to teach STEM through FUN, creative, confidence-building activities. Now in its seventh year of operation, Kids 4 Coding continues to develop new programs and serve new communities each summer.  See our partners.

What We Do

Kids 4 Coding propels kids to Tech Readiness through innovative, hands-on projects and challenges. Students gain an edge in STEM by learning to create and code games, mobile apps, electronics, websites, robots, drones, and more using top programming languages like Python Java and JavaScript in an engaging and positive environment.

Regardless of the path today’s students choose to pursue – from medicine to music – programming/coding will be essential, and due to funding gaps, most schools do not have the resources to cover tech education in an impactful way.


At Kids 4 Coding, we’re filling those gaps and preparing future engineers, programmers and entrepreneurs through FUN, confidence-building curricula - designed by tech experts & educators - that capture kids' imaginations and motivate them to succeed.

Class Size

Depending on location, class size ranges from 8-16 students.

Student/Teacher ratio is 8:1.


Instructor Qualifications

All instructors are computer science and engineering

majors, recruited from top colleges and universities

like Georgia Tech, UGA, Tufts, BU, Harvard & MIT.


Site Manager Qualifications
All site managers are State-Certified Teachers/CPR/First Aid Certified


*We are the only summer tech program requiring site managers to be certified teachers! 

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